Sports Betting In Choctaw

Although Mississippi, unlike some other states – even those in surrounding areas – only has two tribal casinos, those being the Silver Star and the Golden Moon, these two facilities, both located at the Pearl River Resort, make ideal locations for sportsbooks. Sports betting in Choctaw is expected to add to the successful fortunes of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, the sole federally recognized Native American tribe in the Magnolia State. The tribe’s Pearl River Resort is without a doubt one of the state’s premier tourist destinations, and for good reason: the central Mississippi resort, features not just a massive gaming space but also plenty of fine dining options, a championship tier golf course and even a water park, all on the same grounds.

However, not every visitor to the Pearl River Resort will know all the ins and outs of sports betting in Choctaw, so we thought it wise to put together this quick but comprehensive guide to the casinos where you can enjoy wagering on your favorite teams and sporting events. We’ll take a look at the history of Choctaw, give a breakdown of some of our favorite things to do at Choctaw casinos with sports betting and event provide directions for how you can get to Choctaw no matter which direction you are coming into to town from. Our aim is to get you fully prepared for your trip to the Pearl River Resort so you can get in on the action of sports betting in Choctaw.

History Of Choctaw

There are actually two communities in Mississippi that go by the name of Choctaw – there is the one in Bolivar County, which is clear on the other side of the state, and then there is the one in Neshoba County. The latter is the one to which we are referring in this guide to sports betting in Choctaw, so don’t get confused as we go along. At any rate, Choctaw is technically not a town at all, but rather an unincorporated community and Indian reservation located just shy of 5.5 miles from the much larger town of Philadelphia, which is also located just off Mississippi Highway 16, and is home to the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians.

Though the history of the Choctaw people goes back hundreds of years in what is now the eastern United States, the part that concerns the future of sports betting in Mississippi happened only within the last few decades. Unfortunately, for many years following the Reconstruction period, the Choctaw lived in abject squalor: if the post-Civil War era was marked by widespread white poverty and black migration north in the wake of the terrible conflict, the Choctaws had it even worse. Seemingly forgotten by the rest of society while the world moved on into the 20th century, the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians were in desperate straits, with nearly 100 percent unemployment, alcoholism, malnutrition and the like being the norm up through the 1950s and even the ‘60s to a large extent.

However, all that began to change in the ‘70s and ‘80s, when the Seminole Tribe of south Florida opened the nation’s first tribal casino. Sensing the potential to draw visitors from surrounding states and from all over Mississippi due to the Choctaw reservation’s central location, the tribe there began making plans to open its own resort and casino – a plan that fully came to fruition in the following decade.

The Mississippi Choctaw are the Magnolia State’s only Native American tribe that is recognized by the federal government, and, as such, one of the tribe’s main sources of income comes from the tourist traffic generated by the Pearl River Resort. The hotel and resort, which opened in the early 1990s, added a casino – the Silver Star – in 1994 and another one – the Golden Moon – in 2002, following the 1992 decision by Mississippi Gov. Kirk Fordice to allow the Choctaw to develop Class III casino gaming. Indeed, the casinos constructed on tribal land in Mississippi were the first casinos in the state that were not required to be “floating” casinos like the semi-permanent barge-type gambling establishments in Biloxi and along the Gulf Coast.

Nowadays, it is no exaggeration to say that the Mississippi Choctaw operated one of the world’s largest casino resorts anywhere in the continental United States. However, the tribal land used for these development of other attractions like Lake Pushmataha (a nearly 300-acre fishing and recreation reservoir), the Dancing Rabbit Golf Club and Geyser Falls Water Theme Park. All of these additions greatly added to the appeal of Pearl River as a popular vacation destination in the region. Furthermore, the Peal River resort was spared from the bulk of the destructive impact had by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, which allowed the property to grow in influence, further contributing to the solid proposition that the resort would be a fine location for sports betting in Choctaw.

Choctaw Casinos That Offer Legal Sportsbooks

As we mentioned previously in this exclusive guide to sports betting in Choctaw, there are only two Choctaw casinos that offer legal sportsbooks for sports betting in Mississippi. However, both the Silver Star and the Golden Moon are some truly top flight gaming centers that offer a lot of value and plenty of excitement for gambling enthusiasts as well as vacationers of all ages and interests. As you can see from the list below, either of these casinos would make a fine choice for your next visit to the Hospitality State, as they both meet all the requirements of 21st century casinos while having a wide variety of amenities that other resorts in the state have a hard time matching.

Silver Star Hotel & Casino Sports Betting
Golden Moon Hotel & Casino Sports Betting
Hollywood Casino Gulf Coast

Things To Do At Choctaw Casinos With Sports Betting

Silver Star Hotel & Casino Sports Betting

We know most visitors to the tribal reservation in Mississippi will be there for the chance to gamble at the elite facilities on offer there, or perhaps to enjoy some sports betting in Choctaw now that the activity has become more widely legal around the country. However, for those vacationers looking for things to do at Choctaw casinos with sports betting when you aren’t putting up some real money on a chance to win big or are waiting on your sportsbook payout, we have got some great news. The Silver Star and the Golden Moon casinos, both of which are located across the road from one another at the Pearl River Resort really cram in the activities and recreational opportunities that many other resorts around the state – and indeed around the entire country – simply have a difficult time competing with.

On hand, there are the fun outdoor activities for guests to participate in: you can enjoy a full round of golf at the Dancing Rabbit Golf Club and its two par-72 courses, the Azaleas and the Oaks. These two courses, which constitute fully 700 acres of greens and fairways situated amongst the tall pine trees of the rolling central Mississippi Hills, were designed by prominent PGA figures such as designer Tom Fazio and player Jerry Pate. Additionally, guests with families will no doubt enjoy spending a hot summer’s day at the Geyser Falls Water Theme Park, a sprawling 23-acre water park with dozens of slides, wave pools, lazy river and activity centers for the littlest enthusiasts of sports betting in Choctaw.

Tired of betting on sports all day or playing cards late into the night? Then the Peal River Resort’s fantastic spa and salon should be right up your alley. You can have a steam bath, enjoy a visit to the sauna, take a dip in the outdoor or indoor pool, or, conversely, work up a sweat at the well stocked fitness center, replete with free weights, machines, treadmills, stationary bikes or other cardio equipment.

Shopping opportunities abound while you wait to enjoy some more sports betting in Choctaw, thanks to the presence of several boutiques like Bonnie’s (which caters to the most discerning female guests to the Pearl River Resorts). Stogies & Bogeys (for the gentleman who appreciates his fine cigars and vaping accessories). If you just need to pick up a few things, you can always grab what you need from the Silver Star Logo Shop or the Provisions sundry store located near the hotel elevators at the Golden Moon casino.

As for dining and shows, the Pearl River Resorts in Choctaw do not disappoint. That’s because Phillip M’s – named for Mississippi Choctaw leader Phillip Martin – is widely considered to be one of the South’s very finest fine dining restaurants. There is enough on the menu to satisfy even the most discerning palate or the most famished appetite, and the board of faire features everything from award-winning wines to a massive steak selection, the freshest seafood straight from the Gulf of Mexico and, of course, the best desserts you will find anywhere close.

Naturally, there are plenty of local events and attractions to participate in like Chahta Immi Cultural Center, Lake Pushmataha, the Choctaw Indian Fair and many others. It’s all worth your time when you are in town for some sports betting in Choctaw, so don’t miss a minute of the excitement!

Directions To Choctaw

Golden Moon Hotel & Casino Sports Betting

The directions to Choctaw are quite simple to get your head around, but naturally vary based on the direction from which you depart. Visitors coming in from the east – that is to say from the direction of Birmingham, Alabama – probably have things the easiest, as all you would need to do in that case is jump on Interstate 20 and head west until merging with I-59 South just before crossing the state line into Mississippi. Upon arriving in the Magnolia State, you will still need to take Mississippi Highway 16 for another hour and a half or so before arriving at the Pearl River Resort to start your vacation.

If you are heading south for some sports betting in Choctaw, particularly if you’re coming from Memphis, Tennessee, the trip will be a pretty long one, but the directions are easy enough to follow: simply get on Interstate 55 and head south 189 miles. You will eventually merge onto Mississippi State Highway 35 S/MS-430 E in the town of Vaiden, then continue for another hour until you take County Road 5131 and Mars Hill Road to Mississippi State Highway 16 as you make your way into the Pearl River Resort area.

Visitors heading into town from the west in the direction of Little Rock, Arkansas, or other population centers in the so called “Natural State,” are going to have what is probably the toughest time getting to Pearl River and the casinos with sports betting there due to the fact that they will have to cross almost the entire state of Mississippi to get there. Still, the trip – which takes travelers from Interstate 530, US Highway 65 South and Mississippi State Highway 454 down through a winding assortment of roads once in the Magnolia State – is actually pretty long at a shade over 5 hours. Due to the complexity of the route, it is probably going to be your best bet to put the address to the Pearl River Resort facilities in your smartphone’s GPS before hitting the road.

If for whatever reason the sports betting in Biloxi isn’t cutting it for you, then you can always take Interstate 110 North all the way north to the Pearl River Resort in Choctaw. It is a fairly straightforward – and straight – ride of about 200 miles, which shouldn’t take more than a few hours. Basically, you will just need to hit 1-110 N and then hop on US Highway 49 (also going north) until you get on Interstate 59 in Heidelberg, taking exit 113 on Mississippi State Highway 503 N until merging onto US-80 in Hickory. From there you’re only about 45 minutes from the sports betting in Choctaw, as you’ll take MS-15 N to MS-16, whereupon you will arrive at the Pearl River to get down on whatever gambling tickles your fancy.


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