Is Sports Betting Legal In Mississippi?

Mississippi may not be a leader of industry or culture, and it may not be the most populous state in the union, but one thing it does have is proud people. These proud people often love sports and their love for their favorite sports teams is as constant as the flow of the Mississippi river for which their home state is named. As we mentioned Mississippi isn't a center for trade that attracts big corporations and factories from around the U.S., but sports bettors in Mississippi still find quite a few ways to get their slice of the money pie. One of these ways is sports betting, a pastime that is as popular as it is infamous. Over the course of this article we hope to replace a little of that infamy with a little more love as many times peoples misgivings with sports betting are completely misplaced.

Some people incorrectly believe that betting on sports in Mississippi is illegal. Fortunately for any interested in the hobby it in fact is not illegal. Any resident of the state of Mississippi can place a bet on any team they like and they would be in no more legal trouble than if they were to invest some money into the stock market. What's more betting on sports in Mississippi is quite a bit more fun and reliable than betting on companies. So if it is so blatantly legal than how come it isn't a huge phenomenon across the nation with sportsbooks in every town and city? Well the unfortunate side to sports betting is that the actual act of taking bets and running sportsbooks is illegal in every state besides Nevada and Delaware. So while no one gets arrested for placing a bet, the person they placed the bet with is often spending some time in jail.

Land-Based Sports Betting in Mississippi:

So how in the world can we tell you Mississippi residents make money off sports betting if it isn't legal to actually run sports betting operations? Traveling all the way across the country to Nevada or Delaware certainly isn't profitable especially since Delaware's sports betting program is a gimped experience at best. Illegal rings aren't the answer either because nine times out of ten they end up busted by authorities, then your money is gone forever. In addition to that criminals don't tend to be the friendliest and most agreeable lot and they probably aren't willing to run an illegal sports betting ring if they aren't fine with being on the wrong side of the law in the first place. For obvious reasons none of the aforementioned options are in any way profitable or advisable, so at this point you may feel like we have lead you on a bit of a wild goose chase, but rest assured the best is yet to come.

Legal Online Sports Betting in Mississippi:

Mississippi online sportsbooks, at first it doesn't sound that impressive. Sure it has been going on for over 20 years, and sure thousands of people across the U.S. already participate in some form of online gambling, but can you really trust the internet? After all the internet is where computer viruses come from, and where princes from foreign countries steal your bank account information. Well while this all can be true, online sports betting sites are definitely one of the better spots of the internet. If betting online wasn't safe than we wouldn't recommend it any more than we recommend going to an illegal betting ring, but we not only personally know these sites are trust worthy, but we know that companies like USA Today and CBS Sports also trust these sites. If that isn't enough than look to their player bases, which have not only steadily increased over time but also have stayed loyal for more than 2 decades because of the superior experience they offer. Why drive for several days to go to Nevada, if you can bet from your home and still have more options for not only how to bet but also for what to bet on.

Bovada Sportsbook - A Safe And Legal Place To Make Bets On All Sports

Bovada SportsbookIf you still are wary of trusting the internet with your hard earned cash then just take a second to check out Bovada. You can see everything they have to offer before even signing up, and because they have been around for more than 20 years they are a perfect model for what you can expect from any sports betting site you look into. The first place you should look is their cashier page. This page and the help guide will tell you everything you need to know about deposits and withdrawals, which are the lifeblood of online betting sites. Depositing money onto a site lets you use that money to bet, when you win you withdraw your winnings and bam you are making money. To ensure bettors feel safe putting money on their site, Bovada will only offer payment methods from trusted sources, like Visa. In addition they offer payouts in checks so no one can steal your hard earned winnings. For more information on ways to deposit and withdraw check out Bovada yourself.

While you are there though don't neglect to notice their welcome bonus. 50% of your first deposit is matched as free play. That means when you take the plunge and put money on Bovada you get another half of that money for free when betting on the site. Bovada is actually giving you free money just for trying their site. This would be crazy if they weren't sure that you will be utterly stunned and impressed with what their site has to offer. Don't just listen to us though, see for yourself what thousands of other bettors in every state have seen.

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What's The Bottom Line? Will I Get In Trouble For Betting On Sports?

For some trusting the World Wide Web is a scary prospect, and we understand that. Even so we cannot advise against at least trying sports betting. Online is the easiest option and by far the best as it doesn't require a trip to Nevada or the trip and hassle of trying to figure out whatever the heck Delaware is doing. In addition you get free money for just signing up with the site and giving them a try. There is no better time than now to get on board, hone your skills now so that when sports betting really hits the limelight you are already ready to reap in the winnings.