Mississippi Sports Betting Sites

Mississippi sports fans have a lot to be excited about, the south is a bastion of strong sports teams and Mississippi is no exception with the Ole Miss Rebels. It is no wonder than that many Mississippi residents are getting more and more interested in Mississippi online sportsbooks. As time goes on the bad rap that sports betting has historically had is gradually fading as people realize that responsible gambling can be a safe and fun pastime. There are still many Mississippi residents that are not certain whether sports betting is for them and how safe it truly is.

The aim of this page is to help though Mississippi players on the fence see the advantages that Mississippi sports betting sites have to offer to residents that play on them. The page will be filled with information from perks and bonuses of sites, to what there is to bet on and even a few answers to questions that many readers commonly have.

Is Sports Betting in Mississippi Legal and Safe?

The first question that many Mississippi residents have about sports betting sites is whether or not they are legal. The situation does seem grim at first when one reads about all the U.S. Federal laws that ban sports betting in both land based and online forms in almost every state. These laws impose heavy penalties on anyone who would try and start up a sportsbook of any kind in the state of Mississippi, note they generally leave the sports bettor out completely. The detail that is often overlooked when considering popular Mississippi online sportsbooks, is that these sites aren’t in Mississippi or even the U.S. These sites are based in foreign countries where sportsbooks are legal and more importantly where U.S. law has no jurisdiction.

While legality may not be an issue for many of these sports betting networks, there is still the issue of safety. While there are several smaller sportsbooks that are perfectly safe and legitimate, it is generally a good rule to stick to sites that are larger and more established in the sports betting community. Sites like those below that have proved through a decade or more of service that they are reliable in every facet.

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Bovada Sportsbook - Betting Lines On SEC And NCAA Games + All Pro Sports

Bovada SportsbookBovada is one of the oldest online sportsbooks on the net. Started more than 2 decades ago, Bovada is one of the safest sites on the net and they have the user base and reputation to back it up. With one of the largest member bases of any sports betting site on the net it is clear that Bovada has earned the trust of not only many Mississippi players, but of citizens across the U.S.

One of the top reasons that Bovada is so trustworthy is their great payout system. For starters Bovada makes it easy to get payout with two great options that offer peak reliability. The first is rapid transfer which utilizes money order services to quickly wire users cash at their nearest rapid transfer vendor. Then there is the tried and true method of check payouts. While check payouts may not be the fastest they are easily one of the most secure with Bovada even offering reimbursement on checks that fail to arrive or are unable to be deposited.

BetOnline Sportsbook - Kill Bonuses And Lower Juice Than Las Vegas

BetOnline SportsbookOne of the first things that many new users to BetOnline note is how accessible it is. The site is certainly easy on the eyes and navigation through most of the major parts of the site is handled by large tabs along the top that quickly and easily take users to their desired destination.

BetOnline doesn’t just stop at looking pretty either. They have a very in depth sports betting section that shows off just how committed they are to having the best site on the web for sports betting. In total they have around 20 different sports to bet on. Where the diversity really comes in is with all the leagues there are within each sport to bet on. When factoring in leagues it more than doubles the options available for sports bettors and makes BetOnline a veritable betting paradise throughout the year.

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Mississippi Sports Betting FAQ

How Old Do You Have to Be to Bet Online In Mississippi?

In Mississippi sports betting is kept to a little higher standard requiring bettors be at least 21 years of age in order to bet. The state can levy heavy penalties on those that are found sports betting underage. It should be noted however that most sports betting sites only require their users to be 18 or older. While they are just as harsh on age limits, they will not stop Mississippi residents from registering if they are 18 or older.

What Sports Can I bet On?

Southerners do enjoy a good game of football and in Mississippi with the Ole Miss Rebels there is little reason not to be a football fan. While many of the residents in the state are going to focus on their home team in the college division, there are a few more options available in the pro leagues as Mississippi doesn’t have a professional team of their own. The Atlanta Falcons are always a strong options and there can be good cash for betting on underdogs like Florida’s Jacksonville Jaguars for those feeling lucky.

Does Mississippi Have Land-Based Sportsbooks?

When it comes to sports betting there is only one option in Mississippi and that is Mississippi sports betting sites. There are however options for other forms of wagering in Mississippi found in the lower portion of the state where three counties have legalized some limited forms of gambling. Many of the counties maintain casinos that are open to all residents of Mississippi. In the case of Biloxi there is also a rule that allows vessels a far enough distance offshore to have casino gambling. In total throughout the lower and upper river regions and the gulf coast there are more than 30 different casinos for Mississippi residents to play at. Keep in mind though that outside of these designated areas that allow forms of wagering there is a harsh crackdown on any and all gambling activity that is started up in the state.